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Rivier Property

Rivier Property

Rivier Property

The Rivier Property consists of 116 quartz claims covering 2,404 hectares, located in the Watson Lake Mining District 80 kilometres southeast of Ross River, Yukon. The Company holds a 100% interest in the Rivier Property.

The Property was staked in 2010 to cover the source area for anomalous gold and arsenic values in stream sediment samples. The exploration target is a listwanite-associated lode gold mineralization of the Motherlode type. Pathfinder elements match the signature for this type of deposit. Geochemical results from soil sample programs identified three zones of anomalous gold values adjacent to a structurally controlled ultramafic body indicating the potential for significant gold mineralization. Each of the three zones includes at least one soil sample that contained over 2 grams per tonne gold.

An exploration program completed in 2011 consisted of 472 line kilometres of airborne multi-sensor geophysics, collection of 587 grid soil samples, six silt samples and 20 rock samples and reconnaissance geological mapping. The geophysical data shows a very strong and distinctive aeromagnetic high closely coincident with the serpentinite phase of the ultramafic body, and a surrounding strong magnetic low defines its contact with the listwanite alteration assemblage. The three zones of anomalous gold values, defined from soil geochemical data, flank the magnetic high.

In 2013 a program of geochemical mapping and soil, stream sediment and rock sampling was completed. Geochemical results included a number of anomalous values for gold in soil (>27 ppb gold) extending the known anomalies.

The Rivier claims are in good standing until 2022.