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Rackla Metals Inc.
News Releases

News Releases

September 17, 2018Rackla Metals issues shares for debt
August 20, 2018Rackla Metals to issue shares for debt
May 15, 2018Rackla Metals restructures Yukon property holdings
December 18, 2017Rackla Metals Announces Appointment of Bruce Smith as President
October 20, 2015Rackla Metals Completes $250,000 Financing
October 01, 2015Rackla Metals Share Consolidation Effective Today
September 03, 2015Rackla Metals Proposes Share Consolidation and $250,000 Private Placement
November 27, 2013Rackla Metals provides exploration update / cancels financing
October 04, 2013Rackla Metals completes drilling at King Solomon's Dome, Yukon
September 16, 2013Rackla Metals Arranges $250,000 Flow-Through Private Placement
September 10, 2013Rackla Options King Solomon's Dome Target from Kestrel; Begins Drilling
November 21, 2012Rackla Metals Proposes Share Consolidation
October 15, 2012Rackla Metals Closes $1.1 Million Financing
September 17, 2012Rackla Metals Arranges $1.0 Million Private Placement
July 20, 2012Stock Options Granted
May 31, 2012Strategic Metals to Drill Rackla's Scarlet East Project
April 02, 2012Rackla Metals Options Scarlet East Project to Strategic Metals
December 09, 2011Radius and Rackla review Yukon Projects and Investment Holdings

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